To all of you who can hear, see, touch and feel the longing of your heart….to the sleeper, the procrastinator, the wanderer, the player, the lost one, and the sincere seeker, are you wondering about our ultimate human potential? Who am I? Why am I here? Where do I come from? Where am I going? Or simply want lasting well-being, happiness and joy? Wondering about transcendence and mysticism? Do you feel stocked, unhappy, or maybe already in depression, or a in major health crisis?  
My journey on this planet has been intimate and personal, yet human nature and condition is universal. It is not about “becoming the light.” We don’t become the light, per se. We realize that we are already the light when we realize our ultimate nature, and tap into the beyond. We move out of the way, and the Divine takes over!  Only within the depth of our inner shrine can we experience the light. The almighty presence is there. If you are in a state of wonderment and receptivity like a child, “Becoming The Light” can lead you to an unimaginable gateway to the boundless treasures of your natural magnificent, blissful nature.  You are a great miracle. Realize that, you are the light! 

Come explore the realm of Devi’s empowering, uplifting and inspiring world. Your voyage is about to begin….



Timeless beauty is our very essence.

Vivianne Nantel

Where there is divine love, there is compassion in actions. This is my religion: loving compassion without boundaries to all living beings, transcending all religious creeds, dogmas, socio-economic and ethnic identifications.

Vivianne Nantel

Spirituality is not something you can teach. We all have it inside. Everyone can be a teacher. We can only awake your divinity.

Vivianne Nantel

Devi’s Grace

A yogini, mystic, life & Spiritual guide, visionary, artist, speaker and author of Becoming The Light, Realize Your True Enlightened Nature. Read more about Devi