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Update and exciting news!


Dearest One,

Hope you are all doing wonderful and enjoying the flow of your breath and the miracle of living! Many new developments have happened since the beginning of the year. I want to share with you that Wake Up, Baby! book has been delayed for several reasons. Because the manuscript was way too lengthy for the publishing industry standards and because we want to reach a wider audience, we decided to convert it into a new format for publishing. We have uploaded the new prologue on my site for anyone who sign-up to our newsletter and blog. Since you are already signed up, you can’t download it.

Please just email a line (with your email address which will make it easier) via my contact page and we will be happy to email you the new pdf. I feel you will enjoy it!

Also, we have posted two new videos entitled, Inner Power and The Great Blessing. You can watch them and more videos under video on my public figure page on facebook (www.facebook.com/viviannenantel), or on my Youtube channel. You can assess my channel via my site by clicking the icon.

As part of my great passion, I spent more than two years studying music composition privately with Elinor Armer from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. During this time I composed more than 25 pieces of instrumental music and songs. I have also been studying voice privately with Ms. Deborah Benedict Jackson from the Berkley University for the past four years. A soprano, I have had three recitals in the San Francisco Bay Area. As part of my new major project I’m also presently working toward a music album entitled, Beyond the Blue Sky. Many have commented that my music is spiritually uplifting, moving, meditative, ethereal and haunting. Hopefully soon you will have the opportunity to watch and listen to a few of my music video samples.

In regards to the Blissful Nest Sanctum, we had to postpone its construction because of the heavy rain season and other technical challenges. Hopefully we should  start the construction in last spring or early summer.

I look very much forward to hearing from you, and would love to hear your comments.

Sending you a garden of divine love and blessings,

Namaste, Vivianne Nantel (Vivi Devi)

Vision for 2017


Today we are 7 billion people on our precious planet. That is predicted to rise to 10 billion in 2050. At the current rate of ravage, exploitation, abuse, cruelty and neglect we are experiencing, our home is in great peril, and may not survive to 2050. Mother Earth is in dire agony. Have you heard her cries? When you touch the very core of your being, there can never be any conflict, war, disharmony….only serenity, bliss, love and beauty. You don’t need to go in the Himalayan caves to meditate. That sacred cave is right within all of us. May we walk together hand and hand into a world of harmony, love, serenity and joy beyond our present limited boundaries, and see our children, their children and grandchildren walk forever with new hope upon beloved Mother Earth. Are you in?

It is my vision that every individual is given this blessed opportunity and infinite possibilities to explore the depth of their own wealth within their being, to experience meditativeness, bliss, happiness, joy, and exuberance of life and to expand their perception from exclusiveness to inclusiveness, from a separate independent individual to an universal embracing compassionate loving being.

Heart felt gratitude all of you who have liked my public figure page on Facebook, shared many of my posts and added your comments to raise consciousness. You are playing an important part and are very much needed. Let’s make the new year of 2017 even more powerful and beautiful with loving compassion and bright light for all living beings.

From the bottom of my heart to yours…..I wish you all a phenomenal new year filled with beauty, divine love, joy, bliss, success, happiness and radiant health. Above all I wish you a profound and deep spiritual awakening. Namaste, Vivi Devi

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The Emergency Call for 2017


One lit candle has the potential to light many candles. The energy, frequency of vibration, aura and presence one being can emanate around the globe has boundless possibilities. Humans are overdue to wake up to their ultimate nature. Every day I witness miracles. Do you? We have all the same full potential and divine power dormant within us.
Although we live in an era in which many of us have all the comfort, convenience and technologies we need, we still live in a time of war, terrorism, chaos, poverty, disease and natural and man-made calamities. As a global family, there are a few crucial things we must do to eradicate war, poverty, many more diseases and extinction of many species, and the massacre of many billions of animals which has a tremendous devastating effect our spiritual unfoldment, health, psyche, environment, nature, the starving people and children, and the animals. To raise consciousness is of utmost importance. That is the vision for the seeker, the lover, the visionary, the compassionate warrior, the awakened and enlightened ones.
That is why it is so essential to meditate every day on our ultimate nature, love and emptiness or oneness (the same). If more people looked inside, more would awaken into buddhas…..enlightened beings. Meditation helps nullify negative vibrations in the universe, and creates a harmonious energy in the atmosphere. We cannot win with a whip, only with rose petals. Even if we lose in love, there is always victory. A victory won out of ego, out of selfishness, out of violence, out of greed, is a tremendous loss for that individual, humanity and future generations. Together let’s raise the consciousness and unite the world by One spirit, One heart and One breath.

The names of the Divine are many……Shiva, Brahman, Vishnu, Allah, Kuan Yin, Krishna, Rama, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, the Father, Gautama the Buddha, the Divine Mother, Yahveh, the absolute, the nameless, etc. In some ways it does not matter what word we use to define the truth. Using names seems to create separation and war. Regardless of the name, the truth derives and manifests from the same supreme absolute source.
“All names given to God have the same power. You can reach your destination by taking any name you like,” said my beloved saint, Sri Anandamayi Maa.
I love them all so much and have great and profound reverence for all the source’s manifestations. In some ways it is a tragedy that we feel compelled to call the source by a name, causing separation, suffering and pain. Our ignorant nature and limited mind can be huge barriers to merging with the beyond and have caused humanity great discord, misery, division, exploitation, annihilation, oppression, pain and suffering throughout history.
It is time for us to wake up, go beyond physicality, language barriers, mind and our five senses before we destroy Mother earth and ourselves. It is the emergency call of our times. Together we must raise consciousness on our planet.

Look forward to reading your comments. Sending a garden of Divine love and blessings, In grace… Loving you so dearly, Vivi Devi

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Divine Love


lotus flower


“Where there is divine love, there is compassion in actions.” Vivianne Nantel

We live in an era in which many are obsessed with sex, youth, physical appearance, money, status, acquisitions, prestige, fame, power and social media, in a culture overwhelmed with work, emails, errands, phone calls, media messages, projects, junk mail, in a world bombarded with wars, terrorist attacks, cruelty towards animals, injustices toward women and children (some men too), heartbreaks, depressions, neuroses, psychoses, divorces, disasters and anxiety. Where can I find unconditional pure love, I asked myself.

Our early conditioning influences our entire life, unless we become conscious of it and do something about it. Hatred energy can become an unconscious strategy to protect oneself from intense suffering. Like cancer, hatred is a form of intense anger that eats us up alive. So far my journey had led me to wonder about the nature of love. Does it exist in this materialistic physical world? Aren’t we all in search of unconditional love, a pure divine energy expressing the truth of our ultimate nature…love which is beyond expectations, attachments, conditions, demands and bondage? Such a love is both transformational and transcendental, beyond this physical dimension, a Divine love. Where could I find it?

Throughout the centuries, the ancient spiritual Yoga tradition tells us that our ultimate and true nature is bliss, ananda. Isn’t Divine love the same as bliss? Isn’t one of the gravest maladies of our century to live solely in the physical realm, rather than expand and awake to our ultimate true nature? How can we offer what we do not have? How can we use the spiritual process to manifest a harmonious and compassionate world unless we first heal our own deep wounds?

I was blinded by a false sense of self. As children we develop a self-image which is unreal and often unhealthy. We base our self-worth on this erroneous view. We emerge as adults thinking we are our body, our mind, our professions, a certain gender, our social status, our ethnicity, religious and cultural background, or that we are our possessions and wealth, or even our sexual orientation. The attachments and bondages we form around these identifications prevent us from awakening and realizing enlightenment. We confine ourselves to limited boundaries, our own fabricated jails. In the act of shedding our old, worn-out garment filled with prejudices, conditioning, and assumptions we can expand and break free from our cage. Divine love flowing within us is one of the keys to our freedom. It is experiencing our creator within ourselves and seeing the source in all living beings by experiencing the Oneness of all existence and the beyond. It is our true nature. Divine love liberates the imprisoned heart and allows us to pierce the veil of false identifications and burst free from all boundaries. In this surrender, the inner master within becomes alive.

Paramahansa Yoganada, a venerated ascended master of the 20th century said, “The satisfaction of love is not the feeling itself, but in the joy that feeling brings. Love gives joy. We love ‘love’ because it gives us such intoxicating happiness. So love is not the ultimate; the ultimate is bliss. God is Sat-Chit-Ananda, ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-new bliss. We, as soul, are individualized Sat-Chit-Ananda. True love is Divine, and Divine love is joy.”

Divine love brings us back home, healing us from the illusion of separation from the source. Our ephemeral journey on earth becomes richer, more beautiful, more meaningful as the universe belongs to us. Without Divine love we have no power over wars and negative acts committed by people on themselves and others, but we have the power to open up our own heart and seek this transformational love within. By transforming ourselves in this way, we can help others, both human and animal.

Except from Wake Up, Baby! A Universal Journey of Awakening–

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Feel free to share your comments and feelings……Looking forward to hear from you. If you enjoy this short except, please share it.

Heart felt gratitude. Sending you a garden of divine love, blessings and grace, Vivi Devi

Vivi Devi Spiritual Introduction

Dearest One…Do you want to break free from your limitations? Tap into your ultimate potential? Discover the true joy, happiness and bliss of who you are? Wow! At last we are connecting via video as promised! Here is my first very short video recorded on the beautiful Pacific Ocean today for you. Sending you divine love and blessings. Vivi Devi (Vivianne Nantel) <3

Here is the link for my new Yourtube channel https://youtu.be/CFVyY3GKazE



Inner Divine Power



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It is natural for some to want power. Certainly we want mastery over ourselves. And many yearn also for power over others. Those who crave dominating power are the ones who are powerless, insecure, disconnected and separated from our creator. Power over others dates back millennia and rose from a primal instinct to survive, dominate, exploit and reign over other humans, animals, and Mother Earth. This kind of power is destructive and archaic, and creates the illusion of separation from everything else.
Even power is an illusion. Our ultimate nature is naturally powerful because of its true essence. Inner power originates from the Divine. I believe this inner power can only stem from the most profound expression of our spirit, from a stable emotional and mental state, mindful and acute clarity. If we are willing and allow it to, our true nature will lead the way for healthy interactions based on mutual true love, compassion, understanding and equality. Inner power is expressed with loving, compassionate feelings for co-creation, cooperation, realization of our interdependence, and interconnectedness with a profound reverence for all life forms. It is within all of us. Rediscovering this intrinsic divine power became one of my most important insights and realizations.
Over centuries we have witnessed how the patriarchal system, a model of domination and control over other humans (females in particular) and animals, has caused tremendous suffering and pain. It has destroyed lands, civilizations, people, animals, and nature. Unfortunately this patriarchal system is still engrained in our psyche. We can observe it in societies, governments, civilizations, even in relationships. Power over someone can be extremely hard to identify in the dynamics of relationships because it manifests in many subtle ways.
Consciously or unconsciously, this false sense of power is about conquering, annihilating, possessing, winning and exploiting. How can we deny the deplorable effects of patriarchy over the centuries when evidence everywhere proves it? Ask yourself, what kind of power do I exert in my life? What kind of power do people exert around me? How do they affect us? How do I affect them? We, human beings are the only animals on earth with the power to lock ourselves in our own fabricated jail, or liberate ourselves from confinement. Which one we elect is our choice, destruction or creation? Remember, we can be empowered with profound insights, awareness, spiritual knowledge and wisdom. We don’t have to suffer unnecessarily.

PS. I look very much forward to hearing your comments. Sending you infinite Divine love, blessings and grace, Vivi Devi

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Sacred Love Relationship

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Sacred Love Relationship

There is a prodigious difference between true sacred intimate love and a domesticated love relationship with attachment and bondage. In true profound love, there is no attempt to control or manipulate another individual, no entanglement between the lover and beloved one. It is a sacred relationship dedicated to support each other’s growth on all levels and evolution on the spiritual path. We want only the very best and highest for the beloved. We do not harbor destructive, negative feelings. In true sacred love, we are able to let go, uniting on a very profound spiritual level. This love can transcend to Divine love, a sacred relationship.

In a sacred loving relationship, genuine love stems from a very deep spiritual, mystical and energetic connection. It is one of the most intimate and beautiful connections because the intimacy being created and experienced is far beyond the physical realm. It also touches all aspects of our beings: physical, emotional, mental, psychological, existential, spiritual and energetic levels. This profound love is not based on any conditions. The sacred loving relationship crosses all societal boundaries such as age, religious and spiritual traditions, socio-economic backgrounds and creeds. This profound love is Divine and mystical because it is born from our true state of being and longing for the ultimate truth.

For most couples their intimate love relationship is contractual and focuses more on the physical and on a “take away.” If you do something for me, I will give something back to you…and keep on loving you, always based on conscious or unconscious conditions. It is subtle. Yes, we all have some needs to fulfill in intimate relationship. Yet a sacred loving relationship will naturally and organically attend to these needs, though it is not a requirement. Sacred love relationships lie within the inner power of the dynamic between the lover and the beloved, allowing each to abandon themselves completely in the loving, surrendering spiritual process of their relationship and be transcended in all. The connection is so very powerful, profound, mystical and supreme it is as if their hearts beat as ONE. Their love will pervade no matter what and will overcome all obstacles, from passion to compassion ….from compassion to ultimate passion.

When two individuals, who are sincere seekers on the spiritual path, form and embark on a sacred loving relationship, detachment can be one its most precious qualities. In detachment there is total abandonment and surrender of self, interdependence, and devotion toward one another. There is no grasping, jealousy, lust, insecurity, or envy ..….only a grand sense of freedom to express the most beautiful and precious passionate and blissful expression of deep expanded love by embracing the beloved as well as all living beings and life. Detachment does not remove or create a distance or separation between the loving couple. To the contrary, detachment allows a greater depth of freedom, trust, intimacy, expansion of consciousness, inclusiveness, awareness, acceptance, interdependence, growth, evolution and intensity between them. There is nothing greater than a sacred loving relationship when one is longing to be in a loving intimate relationship.…another powerful gateway to the Divine, to the Creator…. to liberation. A sacred loving relationship is all about self-actualization, self-realization and liberation for the sake of well-being and happiness for all living beings.

Please share your thoughts and feelings…..Very much looking forward to read your comments.

Infinite divine love, grace and blessings, Vivi Devi (Vivianne Nantel)

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Demystifying Yoga

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Demystifying Yoga

The Sanskrit word “yoga” literally means “yoke,” to unite. This union aims to dissolve, liberate and unite oneself with the pure consciousness which is often referred to as the source, the Self, the Absolute, God, Creator, Divine Mother, or hundreds of other names. I love to refer to our creator as the Divine Mother. When the Rishis (ancient sages) talked about Moksha (or Mukti), the ultimate fruit of yoga, they referred to liberation from the endless cycle of rebirth, pain and suffering of the physical realm.
Yoga is the science of union and the knowledge of the spine (kundalini). So yoga is the union with the Divine in all its forms. Figuratively speaking, we can be in a state of yoga in every moment of our lives as we inhale and exhale.
Unfortunately, here in the Western hemisphere many people still think of yoga as twisting one’s body into some kind of knot. Yoga goes far beyond exercise. It is an extremely rich and powerful spiritual path that involves body, mind and spirit. As the revered sage Patanjali expounded in the Yoga Sutras thousands of years ago, Hatha yoga prepares one’s body and mind for deep meditation.
Today we are witnessing a renaissance, with yoga studios everywhere. Yet this trend is far from the genuine ancient and authentic yoga taught by the Rishis for God-realization and liberation. Besides realizing enlightenment and liberation, practicing yoga brings many health benefits.
This fascinating and ancient science of yoga is not a religion or a philosophy. Yoga does not fall into any category of an “ism.” Faith is not a requirement. You will still get the results and benefits even though you may not believe in it. Yoga is a science. Anyone can test it and see the proof by having direct experiences with the Divine. However to test it fairly, it is important to have the appropriate spiritual master, a satguru, at the right time during the evolutionary process. A spirit of inquisitiveness, patience, perseverance and discipline is required to thrive on the yogic path. If one has longing and devotion for knowing the truth, success will come for sure.
Yoga was brought from India by the popular pioneer and yogi, Swami Vivekananda, one of the most revered yogi and spiritual masters of the 19th Century, a close devotee of the highly reputable and well-known mystic, saint and enlightened master Paramahamsa Ramakrishna. Swami Vivekananda introduced yoga to the Western hemisphere when he came to America in 1893. He represented India as a delegate at the Parliament of World Religions in Chicago. That day brought a great boon to the Western hemisphere. Thereafter, Vivekananda conducted hundreds of public and private classes and lectures disseminating yoga in America and in Europe.
A few decades later, Paramahansa Yogananda set foot on American soil and graced us with his presence and teachings. He also went on to disseminate the knowledge of yoga in the West, especially Kriya yoga, the yoga of mastering energy.
I wondered how this amazing science of yoga arrived on Earth, and the great lineage of maha avatars, gurus, and ascended masters manifested on our planet. According to the ancient Rishis and Sadhguru, a phenomenal being of light, the Adi Yogi (also known as the Adi Guru), was the first yogi and supreme guru. He appeared approximately over 10,000 years ago in the upper region of the Himalayas at Mt. Kailash, and transmitted the science of yoga and the power of Self -Realization and liberation to the first seven mystical sages (Rishis) to help expand and transform human consciousness to a higher state of vibration.
Predating all religious traditions, these seven Rishis known as the Septarishis spread yoga over Mother Earth. In the yoga tradition, it is the personal form of “Shiva” who is revered as the Adi Yogi and guru, the lord of all yogis and yoginis from which the lineage of gurus descended.
Over the centuries, yoga spread and infiltrated into many different traditions, and new branches of yoga developed. By the grace of the Adi Yogi, today six major yoga branches have emerged: Hatha yoga (forceful) is the most familiar branch to Westerns. Bhakti (devotion-love), Jnana (right knowledge), Raja (royal) in which Kriya yoga falls, Karma (selfless action), and Tantra yoga (continuity) remains to be explored by millions of seekers. “Kriya” from Sanskrit means “completed action,” and the ultimate action of kriya yoga is to transform and master the energy. The words Yogi (male) and Yogini (female) designate those who experience the oneness of this phenomenal existence.
Spirituality means experiencing existence beyond the physical dimension of reality. Most of us are trapped and limited within our five senses. As long as we continue to identify ourselves with the physical realm, we will remain caught in its boundaries creating the illusion of separation. As Jesus Christ said, “We are in this world, but not of it.”

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Codependency versus interdependency in love relationship



Codependency versus interdependency in love relationship

When we talk about love, it is inevitable the subject of codependency and interdependency arise. This relatively new term, codependency, was coined a few decades ago. Since this topic is vast and I am not a professional psychologist, I will share only what seems pertinent for the sake of awareness.
The learned compulsive behavior called codependency is one of the gravest malaises of our century. Codependency makes it harder for people to unleash their true nature, causing great suffering and pain. It has surely been around forever, but we were unable to identify it.
When I was a young girl, I thought humankind failed to look inward for their spiritual power. I wondered why most progress was manifested outward in the world in such areas as spacecraft, computers and automobiles. I used to imagine how it would be to discover the power within, these ancient frontiers of exploration to other dimensions. I did not know how, but finding the pathway fascinated me.
Through research and observation, I discovered there are many definitions of codependency, but all of them come down to one thing…an addictive relationship that develops from learned behaviors and conditioned responses, causing the individual to hold dysfunctional boundaries. The idea of codependency was first used to explain responses from those who lived with an alcohol or drug abuser. However, over time this notion expanded to embrace all unhealthy, dysfunctional relationships. Today it includes anyone who has learned and acquired maladaptive behaviors to survive great emotional pain. These circumstances can arise from being subjected, within the family or social group, to drug dependency, chronic mental or physical illness, physical and emotional abuse, divorce, suicide, sexual abuse and rape, violence or toxic environment. It is the byproduct of the conditioned response to survive traumatic stress.
Codependency is also widely used to describe people with similar patterns in their romantic or other personal relationships. Today codependency describes a dysfunctional pattern of behaving, coping, surviving, and problem solving which develops when the family or society of origin has used rigid and unhealthy rules and actions to influence behavior.
According to the country’s oldest and largest nonprofit organization addressing aspects of mental health and mental illness, Mental Health America says, “Codependency is a learned behavior that can be passed down from one generation to another. It is an emotional and behavioral condition that affects an individual’s ability to have a healthy, mutually satisfying relationship. It is also known as “relationship addiction” because people with codependency often form or maintain relationships that are one-sided, emotionally destructive and/or abusive. The disorder was first identified about ten years ago as the result of years of studying interpersonal relationships in families of alcoholics. Codependent behavior is learned by watching and imitating other family members who display this type of behavior.”
This emotional and behavioral condition can affect anyone, a parent, friend, sibling, lover, spouse, or child who has been emotionally or physically abused and neglected during childhood and adolescence. Codependency can be hard to detect, especially in oneself. Some relationships can stir codependency in an individual if one is not completely healed from the ghosts of the past.
Being codependent does not mean individuals don’t love one another. Contrarily, they may love each other deeply, but don’t know how to behave and interact in a healthy way. One or both of the individual may unconsciously sabotage the relationship so it becomes complex, draining, and painful as the participants watch it deteriorate before their eyes. Codependence leads you to deal in unhealthy ways with others, become too dependent at all levels, obsess and live through your significant others.
A person who suffers from codependency tends to become involved in toxic and painful relationships, enabling the individual to reenact their learned role and familiar dysfunctional behaviors in the new relationship. A codependent person may assume an overly passive or excessively care-taking manner, which also affects the relationship negatively. In many cases, codependency can lead to ending the relationship, to divorce, to severe depression and even suicide. It does not have to be that way. Both individuals can heal, grow, and blossom together.

I look very much forward to hearing your comments and sharing. Please share this post with all your friends on social media. This short article is part 1 of a series of two blogs. Next week I will post the second part focusing more on the spiritual aspect.

Sending you a garden of Divine love, grace and blessings, Vivi
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Objectification of the female in our era

Perfect Lotus flower in Vietnam

Objectification of the female in our era

It is deplorable that over the centuries female has become viewed as an object of pride, possession, or sexual pleasure in many societies. Consciously or unconsciously it is a form of collective dysfunction of our era, a subtle form of exploitation and power over. This unconscious desire to possess, exploit and trap a female into a subservient and degrading role only became more encouraged over time as more women allowed themselves to be objectified in many cultures around our world.

As the media, advertising and social media industries grew bigger and became more influential, more and more females became objectified. This phenomena became so ingrained in the psyche of human beings, that it created a form of desensitization among us. In our era we can see clearly how young, innocent and immature females, even little girls make themselves victims of this absurd norm. Today we can witness how many young and even older women suffer from the grave consequences of this vicious trap……thinking they must do everything that is offered in the market place in order to become physically beautiful to be admired, desired or envied. This dangerous trap is a false sense of power, an illusion on the behalf of male as well as female. The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stress, pressure and damage of trying to fit into the box of female objectification of our era is very destructive not only for female, but for male as well. Because of female objectification, many women suffer from rape attack, sexual harassment, lack of self-esteem, low or no self-worth, anxiety attacks and depression….even though such elusive concepts such as self-esteem and self-worth do not truly exist.
Unawakened individuals don’t realize that timeless beauty and bliss is our very essence, and that it can only burst from within. That bliss…. that ecstatic state of being alive and feeling absolutely and powerfully beautiful is innate. That is our true nature. Divine love is our ultimate nature, and that is pure joy. If only each individual could treat their body as a sacred temple and their heart as a shrine, we would witness a phenomenal transformation within themselves at all levels. Do you treat your own body as a sacred temple, a shrine…or as a graveyard?


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