One lit candle has the potential to light many candles. The energy, frequency of vibration, aura and presence one being can emanate around the globe has boundless possibilities. Humans are overdue to wake up to their ultimate nature. Every day I witness miracles. Do you? We have all the same full potential and divine power dormant within us.
Although we live in an era in which many of us have all the comfort, convenience and technologies we need, we still live in a time of war, terrorism, chaos, poverty, disease and natural and man-made calamities. As a global family, there are a few crucial things we must do to eradicate war, poverty, many more diseases and extinction of many species, and the massacre of many billions of animals which has a tremendous devastating effect our spiritual unfoldment, health, psyche, environment, nature, the starving people and children, and the animals. To raise consciousness is of utmost importance. That is the vision for the seeker, the lover, the visionary, the compassionate warrior, the awakened and enlightened ones.
That is why it is so essential to meditate every day on our ultimate nature, love and emptiness or oneness (the same). If more people looked inside, more would awaken into buddhas…..enlightened beings. Meditation helps nullify negative vibrations in the universe, and creates a harmonious energy in the atmosphere. We cannot win with a whip, only with rose petals. Even if we lose in love, there is always victory. A victory won out of ego, out of selfishness, out of violence, out of greed, is a tremendous loss for that individual, humanity and future generations. Together let’s raise the consciousness and unite the world by One spirit, One heart and One breath.

The names of the Divine are many……Shiva, Brahman, Vishnu, Allah, Kuan Yin, Krishna, Rama, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, the Father, Gautama the Buddha, the Divine Mother, Yahveh, the absolute, the nameless, etc. In some ways it does not matter what word we use to define the truth. Using names seems to create separation and war. Regardless of the name, the truth derives and manifests from the same supreme absolute source.
“All names given to God have the same power. You can reach your destination by taking any name you like,” said my beloved saint, Sri Anandamayi Maa.
I love them all so much and have great and profound reverence for all the source’s manifestations. In some ways it is a tragedy that we feel compelled to call the source by a name, causing separation, suffering and pain. Our ignorant nature and limited mind can be huge barriers to merging with the beyond and have caused humanity great discord, misery, division, exploitation, annihilation, oppression, pain and suffering throughout history.
It is time for us to wake up, go beyond physicality, language barriers, mind and our five senses before we destroy Mother earth and ourselves. It is the emergency call of our times. Together we must raise consciousness on our planet.

Look forward to reading your comments. Sending a garden of Divine love and blessings, In grace… Loving you so dearly, Vivi Devi

All worldwide Copyrights reserved By Vivianne Nantel, 2016