New year is the most auspicious and blessed time of the year to slow down, reflect, contemplate, meditate and self-introspect about our lives, our spiritual unfoldment and about what is happening within our being and on our beloved planet. It is time to ask ourselves profound and empowering questions such as….

“What is working or not working in my life? What are my blessings? Do I feel grateful? Which relationship is empowering me, or draining me and why? How do I exert inner Divine power around the world? What kind of power do people exert over me? How do they affect me? How do I affect them? Are they any changes that need to be made? What are they? How do I want to spend my energy and with whom this new year? What do I want to attract, and who? What can I do to redirect my goals and objectives? How can I become an instrument of the Divine by making a positive impact in the lives of many living beings? How can I inspire, uplift and empower my spirit and of others? How can I transform faster and be the light of grace and loving compassion to all living creatures? Am I happy? If not why? What can I do to bring about complete fulfillment, contentment and rediscover my true Divine nature? What are the obstacles and how can I overcome them? Do I live my life mindfully?”

Please meditate on your breathe for half hour daily (even twice daily if you can) over several weeks, and take silent walking meditation alone every day in awareness and mindfulness either the mountains or by the ocean. Then in a tranquil space sit down with a piece of paper & pen and answer these questions. Let it percolate within you for many days. Then go back to your writing periodically until you feel complete. Please share with us any comments, inspiration, insight, epiphany or revelation anytime you feel ready.

Love to hear from you. Wishing the most beautiful, magical and powerful new year ever, 2018!

Sending you a garden of Divine love, light, grace and blessings, loving you so dearly, Devi