“I simply can’t adequately tell you how moved I am by your artwork and story–Our heartfelt thanks. Bless you.”

John F. Kelly, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Alaska Airlines
Seatlle, Washington

“People are surprised by the power of Vivianne’s work,” says Chris Tuggle. “Her art stands out because of the way it makes you feel. Being a gallery owner, I get so many people who come in here wanting to choose art to match their color scheme. You buy Vivianne’s work strictly because of the way it makes you feel. She is extremely good. When you see her work, you can tell it’s not something she saw and decided to paint.”

The Independent Florida Sun Newspaper–quote from Ms. Chris Tuggle,
Art dealer & owner of Blue Dolphin Gallery
Pensacola, Florida

I am at the point in my life that art collecting is a hobby. When my eyes first hit “Spring Blossom”, it stopped me in my tracks. I knew when I saw this piece that it was going to be my first original acquisition in my collection. It is a powerful piece that captures the spirit and the soul. This power and presence in Vivianne’s work is why she is fast becoming recognized in the world of art!

Darren Lewis, Retired Major League Baseball player (SF Giants, Boston Red Sox, & Chicago Cubs)

“I met Vivi in a Hatha yoga class. Lucky me. Her effervescent personality combined with her strong spiritual sense was intoxicating. Long after, I was surprised to learn of her amazing talent as an artist (She’s quite modest). After viewing her works at an open Studio event, I was so taken by her art, I knew I had to take one home. The vividly painted “Divine Energy” got my attention with its powerful spirit and blissful serenity–this was mine! I have since purchased another piece, this time a very affordable Giclee print, “Duality”. The quality is remarkable, and for me she has captured reality into mysticism. I knew the works were special when my husband was just as taken with them as I (and that doesn’t happen too often). Love, peace & harmony. Namaste

Emily Drotman, Hatha Yoga Practitioner & Office Manager
San Anselmo, California

“When I was searching for a painting for my Spa Meditation Room wall, Vivianne magically appeared with the perfect one to enhance the vibration of the room. Not only does the painting look exquisite, the energy that emanates from it takes you into a state of deep peace. I am so grateful!”

Gail Ann Schwartz, CEO, Evo Spa
Mill Valley, California

“Vivianne demonstrates her artistic gifts in so many ways – in photography, in painting, and through her writing. She brings to her painting the richness of all of the other media in which she works. I adore my Vivianne Nantel original painting, which embodies all of the depth of my feelings for nature and life. When I look at the dove in my painting, my spirit lifts to heaven, bringing me a sense of peace and love.

Georgina Acosta from Georgina Acosta Skin Care Salon
San Francisco, California

“Having earlier purchased an important piece from Ms. Nantel for our corporate collection, I was pleased to have purchased two additional works for my personal residence. Her interesting and vibrant painting style captures so many human emotions, which can best be described as “peering at the inner soul with a colorful looking glass”

Scott Rodrick from Rodrick Management Group
San Francisco, California

“I own five original artworks by artist Vivianne Nantel. Most have been in my homes for several years. They are always the topic of conversation by all my guests. Ms. Nantel is truly an inspired artist, and I am honored to have her creations in my life.”

Irene Vateckas,
Assisted Living Homes owner & Nurse
Peoria, Arizona

“We are the proud owners of not one, but three of this artist Vivianne Nantel’s paintings. They move us, and all our friends make wonderful comments as they feel their souls elevated. You feel the power of this extraordinary artist!”

Thomas and Aida Vellotti, Vellotti Investments,
Commercial Realtor & Homemaker
Darien, Connecticut

“The painting that we own by Ms. Nantel is both warm and haunting, and yet familiar and metaphysical. At first glance, it appears to be an image of an elegant Renaissance-era lady, adorned in colorful brocade clothing, and dominated by a hat that covers her eyes. But a closer look reveals the hat is more than a garment—It is a link to the mind, to the spirit. It is a powerful painting, and its power comes from its subtlety of imagery. Being the sort of people that have an analytical mind, having this painting on our wall gives us a sort of windows into metaphysical concepts that transcend the boundaries of reality. Needless to say, it is a work of art we deeply treasured.”

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Carole Fouger-
International Trade Consultant, Homemaker & Hatha Yoga Practitioner
Las Vegas, Nevada

“Vivianne Nantel’s explosive energy and images made an indelible impression upon me. I am impressed that the clarity and vigor of her vision remain so vividly in my mind. Each painting seems to be fueled with a desire of freezing and framing an emotion. The painting I own is, The Gods are Crying, and it is amazing to see the response of all my friends when they see this work. It is always the most favorite work of art among my entire art collection.

Carmen Mayo, Partner at
D-Lew Entreprises, & Art Collector
Santa Barbara, California

“My love for Vivianne Nantel’s’ work increases every time I see it. I am fortunate to own several pieces of her work. Owning her art will bring joy into your heart, and your spirit will rejoice each time you see it as it does for mine!”

Deborah Rodinsky, Interior Designer
San Anselmo, California

In front of her painting Divine Blossom 2009

“The first thing I see when I walk into my office is Vivi’s self-portrait as a mystical cat, which I treasure since I purchased it in 2001. The colors are so brilliant and cheerful, and the range of emotions felt in the painting are many. I look at this painting and see many sides of myself in it. It is like a self-discovery. This artwork is one I shall admire for many years to come. Thanks Vivi for sharing your artistic abilities with the world.”

Barbara Thomas, Retired Clinical laboratory scientist
San Anselmo, California

“Vivianne Nantel, the artist: her art is vibrant and sumptuous in palette. It inspires peaceful warmth in the hearts of all who are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to gaze upon such profound, metaphysical, and romantic spiritual masterpieces. If you enjoy works that are provocatively erupting with color, dancing with sensuous curvilinear lines and lush with expressive brushstrokes, which can move like a ribbon of light across the surface or cut a wide path that bleeds into a darkened space; then Vivianne Nantel is your artist.

“Vivianne, the person: is truly as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Her personality reaches out with awe-inspiring bliss that cultivates the heart as well as the mind.”

Chris Tuggle, Art dealer & Owner of
Blue Dolphin Gallery, (Now, called Seven Heaven)
Pensacola, Florida

“I acquired a work of art from Vivianne Nantel several years ago, and hung it on a wall facing my desk in my office. It’s the first thing I look at after finishing a project on the computer, completing a meeting at my desk, or hanging up after a frustrating phone call from a temperamental client. The artwork always fills me with a sense of beauty, serenity and peace. I can’t imagine getting through a day without being inspired by Vivi’s art.

Pamela Hamilton, Hamilon Ink Public Relations firm
Mill Valley, California

“I am blessed to have one of Vivianne’s paintings. It holds a special place in the center of my home, and in my heart. In her vivid expression I see a quiet power and clarity that moves me. Her work glimpses the Divine…She shows me her soul…and offers a glimpse of my own.”

Anna Quigley from My Travels Import/Export
Vancouver, Washington

Vivianne Nantel’s work is magnificent, mesmerizing and stimulating. It makes us reflect on all the infinite possibilities within the self and life. I deeply treasure my two pieces, Ananda, and Third Eye. Each time I look at them, they give me strength and courage with my inner battle. Ms.Nantel is truly a rare artist. She has a beautiful spirit, which is felt by her radiating and powerful presence.

Amber Medkiff, Hatha Yoga Practitioner &
Senior Guide for Travcoa Luxury Travel Company
Los Angeles, California

I own several of Vivianne Nantel’s works, and have placed them in different rooms in my home. Each time I look at them, I feel blessed and uplifted by her artistic brilliance. Her work adds beauty and a warm sparkle throughout the entire house.

Paula Avery, Charge Nurse for the Forensics AIDS Project
for the City & County of San Francisco
San Francisco, California

 Vivianne Nantel’s art embodies the ideal balance of the wordly with the spiritual, the intellectual with the emotional, and the immediate with the ephemeral. Her art is inspiring and insightful, often eliciting a depth of emotion and discernment I have rarely encountered. Her works are ahead of their time and will continue to be sought after by collectors and others like myself.

Joann G. M. Noren, Entrepreneur & Former delegate to the U.N.
San Rafael, California

My wife, Bharti, and I are very blessed to have met Vivi. She is such an amazing and beautiful soul. We fell in love with her artwork, especially Spring Blossom. You can imagine how excited we were, when Vivi told us that she was going to produce limited editions of her work in museum quality prints. We are now the proud owners of Spring Blossom A/P. It radiates above our fireplace and guests can’t stop talking about how wonderful it is. Thanks Vivi!

Kam & Bharti Pardasani, Real Estate Investor, and Art of Living participants
Charlotte, North Carolina

 Vivianne Nantel, You are an amazing artist. Your image of Spring Blossom speaks to me and I mediate with her (Goddess) every morning and envision her when I am mediating on my own. This female in this image feels like me. Her power and serene peace captures it all. She is my goddess and my mentor. This may sound over the top but I truly find strength in her. I love art that moves me and I normally don’t buy art just, because I have been starting up businesses for the last few years, and don’t spend excess money unless to travel or if I personally know the artist. However, I could not resist with your image. Thank you for creating inspiring work.

Kelly E. Fitzsimmons, Business owner and Yoga Practitioner
Chicago, Illinois

 “Vivi’s art is matched only by her personal beauty and sense of deep spirituality. Both the art and the artist awaken joy and wonder in me and bring a smile, no matter my mood. Thank you Vivi for your ability to create on the canvas and on my heart.”

Jim Farrow MD, Chairman, Art of Living Foundation