Book review: Becoming the Light

Devi’s book reviewed by Jennifer Woods on Medium. View Now

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Vivianne Nantel on Journey to the Center with Dr. Tammi.
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Light Warrior Radio Show with Dr. Karen Kan

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Waking up to our True Potential with Vivianne Nantel

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Maryl Today TV Show recorded in Pasadena in California, September 2018

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Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age

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Demystifying Yoga: The Science and Spirituality Behind This Ancient Practice

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Becoming The Light Realize Your True Enlightened Nature

New Theory Podcast host Tom La Veccia interviews Viviane Nantel. Listen now

Codependency versus Interdependency in Love relationships

Article by Vivianne Nantel. See now

Jennifer Woods Interviews Vivianne Nantel

September 2018: Author interview with Vivianne Nantel, author of “Becoming the Light,” in Medium. View Now

Book review: Becoming the Light

July 2018: Devi’s book reviewed on Blogcritics, a top book review site with over 800,000 visitors monthly. View Now

Interview with Vivianne Nantel

July 30, 2018: Patricia Gale interviews Vivianne Nantel on Blogcritics. View Now

What is a Divine Sacred Love Relationship?

Thrive Global: Article by Vivianne Nantel on this mind, body, green site by Arianna Huffington. View Now

Are You Dragged Down by Negative Thoughts, Emotions, Feelings, or Anxiety?

Thrive Global: Article by Vivianne Nantel on this mind, body, green site by Arianna Huffington. View Now

Devi on Bridging Heaven & Earth TV talk show

June 2009: Devi appears as a special guest speaker on Bridging Heaven & Earth international spiritual TV talk show. The recording took place in the studios in Santa Barbara, California in June 2009, and is now airing nationwide on public TV in America. View Now

video-bridging-heaven-n-earthAugust 2005: Vivianne Nantel is appearing as a special guest speaker on this innovative and spiritual TV national talk show. This recording took place in Santa Barbara, California in August 2005, and is now airing nationwide in 2006 on public TV in America. Bridging Heaven & Earth is dedicated to the Oneness, and can also be viewed right now on high speed Internet anywhere in the world. Click here to view this beautiful and inspiring interview with the artist produced and hosted by Allan Silberhartz. View Now

Spring Blossom 2003 48x36 mixed media oil on canvas SOLDThe Peace Maker: Artist voice flows like a river

by Alice Crann Good, The Independent Florida Sun – June 31, 2003
She whisks you through her various stages of artistic maturity, making sure you understand that today she’s not about artifice and stylization but all about sincerity and spirituality. Read the Article

Working on United As OneSan Anselmo artist’s flag shows our true colors

San Francisco Chronicle – November 16, 2001
After September 11, Vivianne Nantel wanted to get back to painting. But she found it too painful. “I did some prayers for the victims who left and their souls and obviously praying for world peace. And I love meditating so I just sat down and did some silence in my mind. I saw the images that came to me. It was the flag, but more than the flag, I saw faces.” Read the Article

“Vivi, whom I call Goddess, is an incredibly bright light. Her dedication and commitment to ”feeling Love and sharing it” is unquestioned and, virtually, unequaled. Vivi’s efforts on the behalf of those who truly can’t help themselves…..the animals, the poor, the needy.. …the weak and the weary….are a majestic and valiant undertaking. And the joyousness and compassion, which she feels and clearly displays in all her grand endeavors are truly an inspiration. Vivi is the real deal……a great and illumined being……who manifests the Love and the Oneness and the Truth in a clear, unmistakable, and joyous way. I am honored and grateful for the great opportunity and blessings to have been able to collaborate with Vivi on many occasions. It is always a time of great joy, fulfillment, and Love.

Allan Silberhartz,
founder, producer and host
“Bridging Heaven & Earth,”
National Spiritual Talk Show
from the Bridging Heaven & Earth Foundation,, dedicated to the Oneness.
Santa Barbara, California, USA