Dearest One,

Hope you are all doing wonderful and enjoying the flow of your breath and the miracle of living! Many new developments have happened since the beginning of the year. I want to share with you that Wake Up, Baby! book has been delayed for several reasons. Because the manuscript was way too lengthy for the publishing industry standards and because we want to reach a wider audience, we decided to convert it into a new format for publishing. We have uploaded the new prologue on my site for anyone who sign-up to our newsletter and blog. Since you are already signed up, you can’t download it.

Please just email a line (with your email address which will make it easier) via my contact page and we will be happy to email you the new pdf. I feel you will enjoy it!

Also, we have posted two new videos entitled, Inner Power and The Great Blessing. You can watch them and more videos under video on my public figure page on facebook (, or on my Youtube channel. You can assess my channel via my site by clicking the icon.

As part of my great passion, I spent more than two years studying music composition privately with Elinor Armer from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. During this time I composed more than 25 pieces of instrumental music and songs. I have also been studying voice privately with Ms. Deborah Benedict Jackson from the Berkley University for the past four years. A soprano, I have had three recitals in the San Francisco Bay Area. As part of my new major project I’m also presently working toward a music album entitled, Beyond the Blue Sky. Many have commented that my music is spiritually uplifting, moving, meditative, ethereal and haunting. Hopefully soon you will have the opportunity to watch and listen to a few of my music video samples.

In regards to the Blissful Nest Sanctum, we had to postpone its construction because of the heavy rain season and other technical challenges. Hopefully we should  start the construction in last spring or early summer.

I look very much forward to hearing from you, and would love to hear your comments.

Sending you a garden of divine love and blessings,

Namaste, Vivianne Nantel (Vivi Devi)