Today we are 7 billion people on our precious planet. That is predicted to rise to 10 billion in 2050. At the current rate of ravage, exploitation, abuse, cruelty and neglect we are experiencing, our home is in great peril, and may not survive to 2050. Mother Earth is in dire agony. Have you heard her cries? When you touch the very core of your being, there can never be any conflict, war, disharmony….only serenity, bliss, love and beauty. You don’t need to go in the Himalayan caves to meditate. That sacred cave is right within all of us. May we walk together hand and hand into a world of harmony, love, serenity and joy beyond our present limited boundaries, and see our children, their children and grandchildren walk forever with new hope upon beloved Mother Earth. Are you in?

It is my vision that every individual is given this blessed opportunity and infinite possibilities to explore the depth of their own wealth within their being, to experience meditativeness, bliss, happiness, joy, and exuberance of life and to expand their perception from exclusiveness to inclusiveness, from a separate independent individual to an universal embracing compassionate loving being.

Heart felt gratitude all of you who have liked my public figure page on Facebook, shared many of my posts and added your comments to raise consciousness. You are playing an important part and are very much needed. Let’s make the new year of 2017 even more powerful and beautiful with loving compassion and bright light for all living beings.

From the bottom of my heart to yours…..I wish you all a phenomenal new year filled with beauty, divine love, joy, bliss, success, happiness and radiant health. Above all I wish you a profound and deep spiritual awakening. Namaste, Vivi Devi

All worldwide Copyrights reserved by Vivianne Nantel, 2016